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Die unterschiedlichen Energiequellen in Verbindung mit Wärmepumpen
The different energy-sources in connection with heat pumps
Brine-Water heat pumps Water-Water heat pumps Air-Water heat pumps Hot Water heat pumps Energy label

Brine-Water heat pumps

Whole the year, the temperatures in the ground are relatively uniform. These temperatures are brought to the required temperatures by means of a HAUTEC brine-water heat pump. For utilization of geothermal energy, there are three options:

1. During construction, a ground collector is laid horizontally in the garden. This absorbs the energy from the ground by the present fluid (brine) in the collector tube and forwards it to the heat pump. This environmental energy is converted by the heat pump in heating energy. The cooled brine liquid is directed back into the closed ground collector system, from there back again to energy.

2. The energy fence provides an inexpensive way especially for the modernization of heating systems and for new buildings with heat pumps, an absorption system (for example, energy fence) also for retrofitting. It uses - similar to a solar collector - the direct solar heat.

3. The geothermal probe is vertically approximately 30 to 100 m deep drilled into the ground and works on the same principle as the horizontal ground collector. The probe requires less space and is therefore very suitable as a collector system for heating modernization with heat pumps.


Water-Water heat pumps

One way to use geothermal energy, is the withdrawing of energy from the groundwater. For this purpose, two wells are required. From one well water is extracted and pumped through the heat exchanger of the heat pump. This uses the energy contained therein. About the second well, the now cooled-water is pumped back into the Earth. By using aggressive water qualities HAUTEC offers a particularly high-quality EC-stainless steel evaporator..


A system is only as effective as its components. And exactly these we pay particular attention at HAUTEC. This also applies to the heat exchanger. The result: The HAUTEC EC stainless steel or titanium evaporator. Benefits of EC-evaporator: The EC-evaporator has low pressure losses and a perfect heat transfer. High surface reserves and low pump power ensures high annual performance factors. This greatly improve the efficiency of the heat pump so that over the years. The use of stainless steel or titanium heat exchangers ensures a high degree of safety against corrosion. The otherwise possible corrosion of the solder joints is eliminated. HAUTEC EC-evaporator from stainless steel 1.4404 welded stainless steel and "frost-resistant"  


Air-Water heat pumps

At an inconspicuous place in the garden or in the house, the outside air-water heat pump is installed, and provides most of the heating energy.

HAUTEC air-water heat pumps can heat your home all year. On colder days an
electrical heater or the existing boiler can be additionally connected.

A special application of the external air-water heat pump is the use for heating the water of your pool.


Hot Water heat pumps

Energy at zero cost

The hot-water heat pump systems use renewable energy for you - and conserve incidentally the environment. Because Hautec hot-water heat pump systems simply take what is there - solar and environmental energy - in order to provide your house an optimal water heating.

Around 70 percent of the power comes directly from the environment. Only 30 percent are complemented by driving energy. Up to 65 degree water temperature can be as effectively achieved even the legionella protection to preserve the water quality is guaranteed without additional heating - "a bill that rises", Hautec customers are in agreement with regard to costs and benefits.

With two different art concepts Hautec offers its exhaust / ambient air water heat pumps. A distinction is made between the air-water heat pump and water-water version. The exhaust air / ambient air water heat pumps use the heat from a space, for example, the unheated storeroom or the heat from an exhaust air system with heat recovery. If the air is used from the storage space, this cools down its temperature practically simultaneously slightly, while the heat source can be used for water heating.

The water-water heat pump, however, uses the heating return. In winter, there is pre-heated return water, for example a floor heating as the heat source. In view of these and other technical differences, both systems must be noted: Environmentally conscious and economical at the same time can not be a hot water generating. Finally, both systems use a large proportion of the environmental and solar energy. Incidentally, easy installation, easy operation and sophisticated technical components make the Hautec hot-water heat pump systems completely.

If you are still angry by high energy costs? Then ask nevertheless times your environment - and Hautec.