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Ausstellung SSHK Essen 2018

BAFA / promotion of heat pumps / change in application from 2018

As of 1 January 2018, subsidies for heating systems with renewable energies must always be applied for before the measure is implemented or the contract is concluded with the installer at the BAFA.
Transitional period for start-ups in 2017: Applicants who commission their heating system in 2017 can submit their application within nine months of commissioning.
For commissioning in 2018: For facilities for which the order was placed in 2017 or the contract was concluded.

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 Die Lösung für Ihr Haus

About the manufacturer HAUTEC

The Hautec company group is positioned internationally successfully with locations in Germany, the Nederlands and Austria. The professional crafts enterprise for heat pumps was founded in 1978 and today develops in the German location in Bedburg-Hau unique heat pump systems which are used in whole Europe.

Long-standing experiences and special backgrounds distinguish the certified employees and female employees of the Hautec company group. Beside the constant optimisation process and the product development Hautec places daily an optimum customer orientation - from the central project support up to the technical support service: They are the centre of the enterprise with vision.

Selection criteria for the various HAUTEC products

In modern heat pump systems, de sun supplies up to 80% of the required heating energy for heating rooms or also for heating water. With the required electrical drive energy of about 20%, machines convert this 80% free environmental energy into useful heat. The most common heat sources that are used from these heat pump systems are air, brine and water. Here, the development of the heat source air is almost always the simplest and least expensive method. Other sources of energy such as brine and water have the advantage that they are available all year round in the same way that the source temperatures change only insignificantly. In contrast to the energy source of air, the costs for source development, such as boreholes or wells, can not be ignored here. It often happens that these plants also have to be approved by the authorities. Although this is not usually the case with air-heat pump systems, the noise development can be unpleasant for the neighbor, depending on the type of construction. As long as there is power, these systems can be operated. Gas and oil reserves play only a minor role here.

Special properties of heat pumps

  • Around 35 years of practical experience with heat pumps
  • Own development and production "Made in Germany"
  • Sophisticated products with corresponding approvals (eg EN 14511 / EN 255)
  • EHPA / DACH seal of approval, ISO 9001 certified production
  • Extensive product range for every application 
  • Project-specific products (custom-made)
  • Absorber heat pumps with a source temperature of minus 18 ° C to plus 30 ° C
  • EC evaporator (stainless steel evaporator for water-to-water heat pumps)
  •  Alternative energy sources with the energy fence, energy wall and other possibilities
  •  Heating return DHW heat pump HWBW-K
  • Environmentally friendly refrigerant R290